title: Solr-PHP-UI: Solr client and user interface for search (UI) authors: - Markus Mandalka

Solr-PHP-UI: Solr client and user interface for search (UI)

This search user interface component of the open source search engine Open Semantic Search is a PHP based lightweight search client with complete and responsive user interface for searching with Apache Lucene / Solr (open source enterprise search server).

So you can install / run an search engine on standard LAMP or standard PHP webspace without effort (based on vanilla PHP and Solr-PHP-Client). It doesn't need a database but only connection to or an installation of a standard Solr server/service (ready packages available).

Just install the Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu Linux package or copy the source to PHP webspace and search with a flexible responsive UI:


  • Fulltext search
  • Facetted search (interactive filters)
  • Viewer for preview
  • Analyze text
  • Sorting
  • Different views:


  • Result list (with snippets and highlighted search terms)
  • Preview
  • Images* Table (sortable and filterable)
  • Analyze search results or all documents with data visualizations:
    • Wordcloud
    • Trend chart
    • Networks, connections and relations (graph)


Edit /etc/solr-php-ui/config.php (if installed from a package) or config/config.php (if installed from source) for setting another language or for adding custom facets (additional fields and interactive filters).

Used libraries

Used libraries and frameworks (all included in the package) * solr-php-client (Solr client library for PHP) * jquery (javascript library for easier accessing the dom model) * Zurb Foundation (CSS and UI lib for responsive web design) * d3js (javascript library for visualizations) * nvd3 (d3js based javascript library for charts) * Cytoscape.js (graph)


Solr-PHP-UI is a lightweight solution which doesn't need a database or special libraries. So the configuration options for the users are limited.

If you want to configure dashboards, add some calls of a view into iframes, show some Solr-PHP-UI RSS feeds (i.e. show results of some configured search feeds in Drupal views) or you have to setup a user interface with a database like Hue (Django/Python) or Sarnia (Drupal/PHP):


Alternate components (Open Source user interfaces for Solr): * Velocity (Java) * Solarium (PHP) * Drupal Solr and Sarnia (PHP and Drupal) * Hue Hadoop User Interface (Python and Django) * Blacklight (Ruby on rails)