Locations of the log files:


Logfile of your Apache webserver for PHP based Search UI, Django based Open Semantic Search apps and some HTTP/REST APIs:


If something went wrong you find more info in


Open Semantic ETL

Full logs are written with prefix etl_task to the logfile


The last log entries of Open Semantic ETL can be seen by command

service opensemanticetl status

Apache Tika

Logs of the main component Apache Tika for text extraction from files are written as java to the logfile


The last log entries of Apache Tika can be seen by command

service tika status


service tika-fake-ocr status

Apache Solr search server

Logfile of Apache Solr:


Solr admin web interface

You can use the Solr admin interface (http://localhost:8983/solr/) by using the menu option "Logging" (http://localhost:8983/solr/#/~logging) to see the last error messages.


Open Semantic ETL

To be verbose while crawling, text extraction and data analysis, set the config option config['verbose'] = True in the config file /etc/opensemanicsearch/etl or in the special config file of a connector to log more info.


Config cfg['debug'] = true; in the config file of the User interface to see, what was communicated to and from Solr.