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Ontology tagger for Solr (Automatic tagging by RDF ontologies & SKOS thesaurus)

Annotator for Apache Solr by Resource Description Framework (RDF) ontology & Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) thesaurus

The auto-tagger Ontology Tagger for Apache Solr is the preconfigured search engine component for automatic tagging or auto-classification of documents in an Apache Solr index for faceted search by labels in data structures like ontologies in the open standard RDF & thesauruses in open standard SKOS or linked open data sources and databases like Wikidata.

Automatic tagger for faceted search with Solr

So you can structure, filter and navigate your indexed documents or datasets by faceted search based on structures like thesauri, knowledge bases, lists of entities, ontologies or taxonomies available in open standards for semantic web or linked data formats like Resource Description Format (RDF) or Simple knowledge organization system (SKOS).

Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

Since the Ontology based auto-tagging tool and library is free Open Source Software based on Python & rdflib, the full source code is included inside the downloadable packages and hosted on Github.

User interface (UI) for managing ontologies and thesauri for automatic tagging

A simple web app based user interface (UI) for easy configuring Solr with ontologies or thesauri for faceded search is provided by the Python Django App Ontologies Manager, which code is available inside our distribution packages and on Github, too.

Poor mans entity linking without disambiguation

Since for most usecases not so important if you work mainly with your own datasets and domain specific knowledge instead of universal databases with many ambigous concepts or names, at the moment there is no disambiguation integrated for automatic tagging or poor mans entity linking. Please donate so we can integrate methods and UIs to disambiguate homonyms and different entities with same names or same labels.

Automatic ontology tagger and annotator for Elastic search

Our search engine distribution is based on Apache Solr. Please donate with the subject "Elasticsearch ontology tagger" if you want to use these integrated tools for Elastic Search, too, since a generalization of this relative small parts of the search engine specific code would cost only few hours of effort or configure an alternate Ontology Annotator with Elastic search plugin.

Open Source tools for entity linking, dictionary based entity extraction or dictionary based annotation

Other methods, open source frameworks and free tools for automatic tagging, entity linking, entity extraction or disambiguation by machine learning: