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Development of free open source search engine software

Free Software

Open Semantic Search is Open Source software based on Apache Lucene / Solr Enterprise Search and Python. So you are allowed to read, to change and to extend the source code.

Source code

The source code is included within the packages.

There is a git repository on Github.

Contact the developers

Contant interested free software developers directly:

E-Mail: info ät

Communicate to or work on the open source software project on Github:

Open Semantic Search project on Github


Search or read data for additional applications

If you use Solr as your database or index, use the Rest-API of Solr for searching or / and getting data in XML or JSON format or use Solr Client APIs to get data with your favorite programming language.

Or if you use a triple store as database use its standard SPARQL interface.

Libraries for different programming languages

Data enrichment and data analysis plugins


Plans for the future.