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Open Semantic Search 16.06.23 beta released

Open Semantic Search 16.06.23 beta is available for download (Open Semantic Desktop Search will follow in some hours or tomorrow).

Thanks to some orders and donations, there are very important new features and user interfaces and multiple times faster performance while document extraction and indexing:

Interfaces for advanced search

Setting search operators by easier and self explaining user interfaces instead of having to set text operators manually

Multiple times faster extraction of new documents in file directories and file shares

Multiple times faster extraction of new documents in file directories and file shares out of the box by automatic parallel processing automatically without manual setup of parallel tasks which before that needed Linux admin knowledge and some work.

Multiple times faster indexing of new documents

Much faster indexing of new documents out of the box by optimized commit managment: Now Solr is preconfiured for autocommits to manage them central, so the ETL framework or importers (which now runs tasks parallel automatically) have not to manage commits anymore and can run parallel without knowledge about other Extract Transfer Load (ETL) processes

Advanced stemming

Operators for stemming: Stemming can easy be switched on or off in the advances search options. With the new operators exact: or stemmed: you can switch on or off stemming even for parts of your search query.

Our query parser allows you to use stemming or wildcards within the same search query.

Easy filtering of error messages and unknown content types

Errors while extraction are now stored in the search index, too. So you can search or filter for them without additional tools for log file analysis and the users can see if and which parts went wrong by automatic analysis of interesting documents or why they can not see some analysis results for interesting documents.

Upgrade to Apache Solr 6.1.0

Our packages are now based on the new release of Apache Solr 6.1.0.

Thanks for supporting Free Software for an Open Source semantic search engine

Thanks for money and being allowed to open source some of their new features to an university and a research institute for ordering advanced stemming so you can use wildcards or stemming in the same query, a company for ordering user interfaces for easier advanced search and some donors whishing and financing the great performance improvements!

Thanks to some admins for bug reports, feedback and workarounds!

Thanks to some users for bug reports and feedback for better usability!

Thanks to some journalists, investigative journalists, activists, scientists and knowledge workers for domain knowledge, bug reports, feedback for better usability, following on social media, retweets, likes and other spreading!

Thanks to some admins and developers for knowledge and code!