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Network analysis: Visualization of connections & relations between named entities (graph view)

Visualise relations of entities like persons or organizations within documents (co-occurences of named entities)

The graph/network analysis view shows you the relations, connections and networks between named entities like persons, organizations or main concepts occuring together (co-occurences) in contents, data and documents from the search index (Apache Solr).

Size of the named entites

The bigger a named entity is, the more documents containing this named entity (f.e. a person, organization, location or tag).

Strength of the connections

The broader a connection is, the more documents contain both of the connected named entities.

Start analyisis of connections and relations

  • First search or filter your search context or dont use a search query or filter to do an analysis for all documents.
  • To switch the search results list to the graph view touch the button "Analyze" and select the menu point "Connections".

Graph views for visualization of connections and relations between named entities

So after some seconds of network analysis you can see the network visualization of the graph:

Now you can switch between different graph views, for example to see the graph in form of a circle or chord diagram: