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Command line tools

Administration of Open Semantic Search via command line interface (CLI):

Indexing files

Index a file

opensemanticsearch-index-file filename

Index directrories

opensemanticsearch-index-dir directoryname

Monitor files and directories

Index changed files in realtime (no expensive recrawl needet)

opensemanticsearch-filemonitoring filename

Or monitor and index all new and changed files in a directory recursive (inclunding sub directories)

opensemanticsearch-filemonitoring directorynamename

Monitor directories automatically

If you installed the module opensemanticsearch-trigger-filemonitoring-daemon it will start automatically while booting and monitor all directories and files set in the config file /etc/opensemanticsearch/filemonitoring.

Indexing Newsfeeds


Index full feed from RSS (download and index all articles linked in a RSS-Newsfeed).


Delete from index

The delete tool will only delete data in the index once, so after new indexing or recrawl the deleted documents will be indexed again.
If you want to exclude documents from indexing, you should use blacklisting instead.

Delete a web page from index


Delete a file from index

opensemanticsearch-delete file:///directory/file

Empty the index

Empty the index to get an new or empty index without indexed documents:
opensemanticsearch-delete --empty

Start or stop services

If you installed the Debian or Ubuntu packages, the services are started while booting automatically.

They can be controlled via the linux command service:

Solr index service


service solr start


service solr stop