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Command line tools

Administration of Open Semantic Search via command line interface (CLI):

Indexing files

Index a file

opensemanticsearch-index-file filename

Index directrories

opensemanticsearch-index-dir directoryname

Monitor files and directories

Index changed files in realtime (no expensive recrawl needet)

opensemanticsearch-filemonitoring filename

Or monitor and index all new and changed files in a directory recursive (inclunding sub directories)

opensemanticsearch-filemonitoring directorynamename

Monitor directories automatically

If you installed the module opensemanticsearch-trigger-filemonitoring-daemon it will start automatically while booting and monitor all directories and files set in the config file /etc/opensemanticsearch/filemonitoring.

Indexing Newsfeeds


Index full feed from RSS (download and index all articles linked in a RSS-Newsfeed).


Start or stop services

If you installed the Debian or Ubuntu packages, the services are started while booting automatically.

They can be controlled via the linux command service:

Solr index service


service solr start


service solr stop