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Improved usability: User interface Solr-PHP-UI 14.05.18 released

We released a new version of our PHP user interface for the open-source search engine Solr with improved usability:

New Features

Improved Preview

More details and beter arrangement (especially if viewing with mobiles) with different subviews / subtabs for ocr and metadata in preview.

More than three empty lines will be stripped to a maximum of three empty lines.

So you have not to scroll so much because documents like PDF or OCR results of scanned documents containing often much free space / empty lines.

Even more important: If a document begins with or contains empty pages or sections, the preview looked like there is no content or only one sentence (i.e. if there is only the title on the first page and rest is many empty lines). Or if there are empty pages or empty parts of pages later in the document (f.e. emtpy rest of pages before a new sections begins on a new page) that might look like the end of a document so that you think there is no further content. So not everybody will try to scroll down throught many empty lines to have a look, if there is further content.

Now the users have more chances to see, that there is (more) content and read it before clicking to the next result.

Table view supports multi fields

The table view now supports solr fields with multiple entries in one field.

Minor improvements

The Word cloud visualization now explains that the count is how many documents containing the word, not counting how often the word is used in this documents.

Improved some minor design details and the responsive design / arrangement for very small screens which works and looks better