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Suche mit Listen

If you have not only some search queries but a whole list (i.e. a list of company names) and you want to search for every entry of this list, if there are results in your data, you can use the listsearch webapp.

The new version supports fuzzy search, so that your search with lists will find even results that are similar, i.e. because of typos, missing parts of the company name or OCR errors while automatic text recognition.


Open the listsearch webapp (menu point in your top bar, if your administrator allowed and configured that).

Just Paste a list with one entry per line to the "Query list" textfield.

This list can be (parts of) the content of a text file with one name per line or a single column (with many rows) copied and pasted from a spredsheet.

Start the search by pressing the "Search" button.

You wil get a list of entries, that have been found in your indexed documents and data including the name, the count of results and a link to this results.